Luyghem is a hamlet of Merkem, a part of the municipality of Houthulst in West Flanders. The hamlet is located one kilometre away from the Three Canals of the Ieperlee.

This place is near the front of the first World War and was captured by the Germans on 21 October 1914. At this time, the allies started with the inundation of the Ijzervlakte. Luyghem was a peninsula as it is located on a raised berm. Despite the different attacks, Luyghem was not hit. Until 1917 it served as a resting point for the Germans. It was on the 27th of October that Luyghem was conquered. Since then, the hamlet had not been hit hard anymore. Not far away from Luyghem is the Beukelaremolen, the only windmill in the area that was left standing.

We have reconstructed the house completely in memory of the hamlet Luyghem. Holiday home Ter Luyghem is a cosy, completely renovated and luxurious house. Thanks to its particular history, guests can visit memorabilia from the World War and enjoy other cultural experiences.