House rules

  1. The property is provided for a maximum of 20 people. Under no circumstances this maximum can be exceeded without permission of the owner.
  2. When booking, a list of the people staying at the house is required. If more people than indicated stay at the house, the owner can prohibit their access to the property.
  3. During the booking 50% of the total amount needs to be transferred. At the latest one month prior to arrival, the other 50% and deposit need to be transferred.
  4. The deposit is refunded at the latest 2 weeks after departure, if there is no damage. All the information of possible damage is sent to the person in charge of the booking via email or by letter. That person is also responsible for the full compensation of the damage.
  5. The key of the home is handed over at the beginning of the stay to the person in charge of the booking. At the end of the stay the key is handed over to the owner or must be placed in the mail box. In case of loss a compensation of 25 euro will be charged and automatically be deducted from the deposit.
  6. There is always an arrival- and departure time agreed with the owner.
  7. The owner reserves the right to terminate the agreement and remove the tenant from the house in case of serious damage. In this case the owner cannot be held liable to pay back a
  8. The property should never be sublet. The house is rented to a certain amount of people. In case of any changes to the amount of people, the owner has the right to prohibit the access to the house.
  9. The contract is in force throughout the period of the booking.
  10. All object, available in the house, remain the property of the owner.
  11. The house needs to be left in the same conditions as offered. In case of damage or omission the guarantee could be detained.
  12. If something is not in order by arrival, contact the owner or its contact person. If this is not done, the owner can hold back some of the deposit.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the house. There is an ashtray outside.
  14.  We accept no liability for the tenants for
  15. Physical injuries that happen to you in the home during your stay
  16. Material damage to your belongings during your stay here
  17. Theft of your goods during the stay
  18. The tenant is responsible for the home. We are a family-friendly holiday home. If it’s a social gathering with friends or family in the “Westhoek” then you are welcome. The property cannot be rented on the occasion of:
    1. Bachelor Parties
    2. Youth movements
    3. Parties
  19. We ask to take into account the neighbours with regard to night noise. Municipal police can fine night noise. The tenant is responsible for this fine.
  20. The owner may enter at any time to review his indoor property regarding indoor plants, heating, maintenance of the lawn without the consent of the tenant. The owner is nevertheless obliged to respect the privacy of the tenant.
  21. Please inform the owner about the time of arrival (by phone or by mail) one week prior to arrival.
  22. Windows and doors must always be closed and locked by departure. Also at the end of your stay the thermostat from down- and upstairs must be on the lowest setting.
  23. Bed linen must be removed from the bed and put at the door of every room, together with the towels. 
  24. The rental price includes water and electricity consumption, as far as a normal use.
  25. WIFI is available in the house. The use of the internet is the responsibility of the tenant. All internet traffic is recorded on our IP-address. Illegal downloading is prohibited.
  26. Bed linen and towers are provided in the house. These are included in the price and must be used.
  27. Final cleaning is included in the rental price if the house is left in its original state. If not, extra cleaning charge will be deducted from the deposit.
  28. Waste should be recycled according to the Belgian standards:
    1. Residual waste: white bag
    2. PMD: Blue bag
    3. Paper and paperboard
    4. Glass: in the provided container
  29. Extra cleaning work, because of the lack of recycling, will be deducted from the deposit.
  30. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher. Proper cleaning product must be used.
  31. Utensils must be cleaned and placed in the right cupboard.
  32. Cooking oil should never be poured out in the sink.
  33. Own technical appliances must be technically in order and must not overload the electrical installation.
  34. Cars should be parked on the predetermined parking spaces. Under no circumstance parking is allowed on the neighbours’ parking spaces.
  35. The owner may not be held responsible for any damage, personal injury or theft.
  36. Animals are not allowed, with the exception of guidance animals. This should always be reported to the owner in advance.
  37. Cancellation policy:
    1. Cancellation within two months prior to arrival, the advance/deposit is charged as the compensation.
    2. Cancellation within two weeks prior to arrival, results in the entire booking cost that will be withheld. The deposit for possible damage will be refunded.
  38. The owner is not responsible for the non-availability or early termination of the contract, without any restrictions, if it’s beyond its control.
  39. The household fire rules, the position of the emergency exits and the fire extinguishers are checked at the beginning of the stay.
  40. The person in charge of the booking ensures that everyone is informed about the emergency procedures in case of a fire or disaster.
  41. The storage of fireworks in the house is prohibited as well as the use of these products around the house.
  42. On the ground- and first floor there is a map with information about emergency lighting, fire detection, fire extinguishers and emergency exits.
  43. The stairs, corridors and doors cannot be blocked to ensure a quick and easy evacuation of the building. Doors that lead to an emergency exit cannot be barred.
  44. A list of necessary and useful phone numbers hangs out at the entrance of the house. The owner must always be aware if any incidents/problems occur.
  45. In the event of a dispute, the court of the arrondissement of Ypres have jurisdiction.

Information and addresses of the responsible person

Pasybo Bvba

Iepersteenweg 21A

8650 Merkem

VAT number: BE 0479.498.813

Contact person: Nicolas Therssen

GSM: 0468/ 59.92.39